Menards Garage Doors

Garages doors are important, they provide us with quick and
reliable access to our garage while maintaining the security and safety of the household. While all doors are meant and designed to do the same things, there are a number of options to choose from, each of which having their own pros and cons.

Single Panel Garage Doors

Menards Garage DoorsThis kind of garage door usually moves up and overhead on a set of rails, it can be easily pushed up by a single individual. While not much of an issue, the upward arc of the door opens up a few feet beyond the garage. This means that a vehicle must stop at a set amount of distance in order for the door to open. A single panel garage door can also be outfitted with an automatic door opener.

Sectional Garage Doors

A sectional garage door is made up of a couple panels that slide upwards one by one onto overhead rails. Unlike the single panel door a sectional door does not require any clearance space to open, meaning a car can stop close even as it opens. There is a little more maintenance required in maintaining a sectional garage door compared to a single panel. Likewise it can also be fitted with an automatic garage door opener.

Roller Garage Doors

Menards Uneven Garage Doors

These doors are usually made out of steel. The door typically rolls up usually overhead, like a carpet. It also takes less space than the previous two types, since the whole door is rolled onto a bar. While easy to operate it requires the most maintenance. For instance it requires frequent lubrication to continue working optimally.


With a few basic tools just about anyone can install their own garage door. How to get the job done can be easily found online, a number of forums have relevant information and are one quick and easy search away. Video tutorials are also available on sites like YouTube. Though it is no easy task, it is a big project for a household. Good thing garage door installers are also easily found through a quick Google search, though be sure to do a thorough check before hiring a company. Things like checking customer reviews and their reputation can go a long way to finding a reliable company.


Menards Garage DoorsNo matter what kind of garage door type you choose from, it needs to be secure. After all, It protects the vehicle and everything else in the garage. First off, if you decide to go with an automatic garage opener, make sure it has top rated security. This mainly means that the code used to open the garage door is randomized. Typically if it only has a one code, someone can use a device to grab that code and use it to open your garage. Another thing you can do is ensure that the door from the garage to your house is as secure as it can be, install a deadbolt on the door for instance. Also make sure that the door’s emergency release is secured, it can easily be done with a few zip-ties.